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Cloud Infrastructure



Windows Azure

What if you could have unlimited computing and storage resources? Cloud computing gives you just that, and VSI can deliver Cloud Computing solutions that provide you with the right computing and storage resources that will grow with you.

Cloud computing through VSI helps you cut costs and the need for massive IT resources. We create and maintain virtual private cloud platforms for your company or your agency from a variety of cloud service providers such as Amazon, Windows Azure, Rackspace and others. Your virtual private cloud may be needed for operational purposes, software development purposes, document management, source code management, continuous integration, testing, or maybe even something else entirely.

If you have ideas, projects or plans that may require computing and/or storage resources that are not available within your company or agency, then let our experienced and dedicated team show you how Cloud Computing can help you get there. If you have specific Cloud Computing needs please call us to see what VSI can do to help you realize your vision. Our team will provide you with a customized solution that will most certainly save you valuable employee resources, time, and money.