Be a good team member

Some professionals are doing great in the workplace, while others not. Today’s industry is very complex, almost everywhere single effort is nothing, rather collective effort is required. So, one of the major reason of success is to be a good team member. There are some do’s and don’ts a professional should follow. Let’s talk about those.


1. Do communicate with the team member always
2. Understand the project as much as you can, ask as many questions appeared in mind.
3. Understand your task clearly, set an ETA.
4. Understand another team members role in the team.
5. Appreciate others for their work, even if it is simple.
6. Maintain good relationship with the team members.
7. Attend all important meeting with the team, and give your opinion if appropriate.
8. Help your fellow team member if you finished your tasks earlier that anticipated.


1. Don’t try to show you are an expert or superior to others.
2. Don’t keep away from the important meetings.
3. Don’t be late for work.
4. Don’t say something bad about your team member.
5. Don’t force your opinion to be taken.
6. Don’t be unresponsive where your response can add value.
7. Don’t keep others waiting without letting them know what is going on.