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IT Support

We provide agencies of the Federal Government and our Corporate clients with IT support for software applications, mobile apps or web products that we produce, as well as that delivered by others. We support custom created software as well as standard retail software. We provide local on-site support as well as remote support. Our experienced IT professionals are trained to understand simple support issues, complex support problems, and properly guide and support frustrated clients and end users.

IT Training & Staffing

As part of providing support, we offer training for key employees of our client's organization as a supplement to our support services. Some clients prefer their own employees to handle much of their support, or have their employees receive training on new products, standards, and techniques. Additionally, for clients who lack specific support talent on their team, we offer Recruitment, Training, and Placement of experienced IT professionals, small and large teams, full and partial teams, remote and on-site. Our extensive connection to multiple IT network groups and our strong standing in the IT community enables us to find and recruit the best match for the specific vacancy. We have placed many IT professionals at clients' sites in multiple areas of IT with a variety of professional and security clearance credentials.