May 24, 2017

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About ViewSoft


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Headquartered in Ashburn, VA, ViewSoft is a consistently profitable company with a proven track record of client satisfaction, resulting in excellent financials and measured sustainable growth. Our model of building long-term relationships and a reoccurring revenue base has allowed us to continue growing while many of our competitors are struggling in this new economy.

Viewsoft Inc. is a SBA 8(a) Certified company. Therefore, Viewsoft Inc. can receive sole-source contracts and also able to form joint ventures and teams to bid on government contracts.

ViewSoft is a Software Development and Testing farm. With its highly experienced software teams, ViewSoft offers a variety of solutions that will fit your need. ViewSoft provides development team, QA team, DevOps service, Cloud infrastructure, maintenance, migration, etc. services. Apart from development, ViewSoft is committed to providing highly skilled human resource to the US marketplace, aiming to reduce the skill gap of the industry. Excellence comes from the intellectual people, where ViewSoft is taking the lead to generate more and more brilliant professionals. ViewSoft provides a strong platform for those who are seeking a job or want to be in a better position. You can feel yourself from no experience to be a highly skilled professional within a short period of time!

Also, ViewSoft offers sponsorship to those who want to work in The United States. ViewSoft takes care of all the legal steps required for its employees. The company also registered to US Government E-Verify program to provide better service to the foreign nationals. With ViewSoft there are opportunities for internship, volunteer activities, free webinar, contractual opportunity, and much more. Please contact ViewSoft with your interest.

All the ViewSoft employee and clients are highly satisfied with the service they receive. Why not you? If you are looking for the right person for your position, contact ViewSoft now. If you are looking for job or employment, submit your resume now. We always hire and always deliver skilled resource to the US marketplace.

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